In-Reach: Beats In The Brewery

  • Here at In-Reach we pride ourselves on two things; firstly, we know our underground music and secondly, we know how to party! ***VENUE*** Never ones to play by the rules we searched high and low for the perfect venue to hold our first ever event. Combining our love for sound systems and craft beers we're pleased to introduce 'The Brewhouse' as our new home for events. Part of the London Fields Brewery it hosts an impressive selection of craft beers (your days of paying £5 for a warm can of Red Stripe are officially over!) and it is an incredible venue with 2 big railway arches connected by a courtyard to host our biggest party to date. ***MUSIC*** Its not often you can hear drum and bass in a brewery so selecting the right record label to take over Arch 1 is a crucial part of the night. This is why we're teaming up with the mighty Flexout Audio who are bringing down artists from around the world to grace the decks. As are our hosts of Arch 2, the saviours of dubstep Uprise Audio team up with Untied to show us all that deep dubstep never went anywhere, your just not looking hard enough. ***Arkaik's 30TH BIRTHDAY*** The Shanghai based badman that goes by the name of Arkaik is flying all the way from China just to grace the decks and celebrate his 30th Birthday with us! This is a rare chance to see one of his incredible DJ sets and you know what, this event is truly a family affair because his wife (fellow In-Reach writer Lindsay, who is also just as sick on the decks) DJ Cursed will also be joining us! So take this as a warm invitation to you reading this to come join the In-Reach family and help us celebrate Arkaik's 30th Birthday in style. ***HOG ROAST*** As if brilliantly brewed beers and underground beats isn't enough, we got us the most banging hog roast BBQ in London coming down courtesy of the amazing team at 'Hog Station'. We can't guarantee there will be sunshine, but we can guarantee there will be vibes, so come and join us for the biggest party of the year, the debut drum and bass event at The Brewhouse!
  • In-Reach: Beats In The Brewery - Flyer front
    In-Reach: Beats In The Brewery - Flyer back