Voorbode 003 - Nudge

  • Voorbode 003 15th December 016 6pm till late Voorbode 002 is gone, there remains only the memory of one beautiful evening past together. we cannot do more than thank all you that you have participated and for the positive waves that you have widespread in our asylum. Our thought is always that: we really hope to have made the idea of what we definitely like to share with you and about what is becoming time after time with our project, with our transversal communication. Everyone has an own opinion about the art, the subjectivity of thought in relation to one thing can be distant light years or equal respect to that of a another person, but that doesn't make any sense to Voorbode. What we wish up most is the sharing of the same thought. The culture drift own from this, from sharing, from exchange of hypothesis, opinions. Born the know, continues the wisdom. The second appointment has seen share the genius of two boys, Melkio and Yuri and thanks to their project they have had the way to explain how much the creativity can go further the rules. The music how always has done from frame to one venue full of cement heroes: our friend from london Christian AB, such a rare talent with his resonance so right, pungent and soft on same beat, Der our big partner of tmusical trips with his set so various that really who been there already know of what we are talking, finish then with ER ES our mate and partner, the Voorbode's resident dj. December, the 15th of the month, will be the time of the artistic live session hosted by the eclectic artist painter guest Marco Renna. As for the musical part, we find our resident Er Es our friends from Pinacoteca ( Claudio Mas & Stefano Cattivera ) and our Manchester lads Rubric Music DJs, then we will have the opportunity to have in our project, the angin duo NUDGE. Artists with considerable impact and respected by the international musical movement. _______________________________________________ • NUDGE [ Howl Records / 320KB music ] • Rubric Music [ D.Kno - Grini - Josh Mears ] • Claudio Mas & Stefano Cattivera [ Pinacoteca ] Art Exhibition: LIVE PAINTING BY Marco Renna _______________________________________________ FREE ENTRY at Aatma / Kraak Gallery Northern Quarter. 1st Floor, 14-16 Faraday St. M1 1BE
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