Rainbow Disco Club 2017

  • [NOTICE] - Barbecuing with coal is prohibited. Only portable cooking stoves are permitted on site. - Outside beverages in bottles and cans, including alcohol, are strictly prohibited. - Parking re-entry is permitted. The cost to re-park your vehicle is ¥1,000 each time. - There will be no tickets at the festival for sale if advance tickets sell out before doors open. - Anyone under 20 years of age are permitted entry to the festival, only with adult supervision (anyone over 20 years of age). - Children in elementary school do not need to purchase a ticket. [PARKING NOTICE] Parking area open as follows: 5/3 8:00 - 1:00 5/4 8:00 - 1:00 5/5 8:00 - 21:00 *In consideration for the neighbouring communities, your are not allowed to take your car in/out of the parking lot outside the service hours listed above. - Your pre-purchased parking ticket will be traded for a parking token at the gate. One (1) parking token will be required for each vehicle. Please place the token on your dashboard. - You can take your car in/out of the parking lot during the specified lot hours, but you will be charged ¥1,000 for re-entry each time. Please pay fee at the parking lot entrance. - RDC is not responsible for lost parking ticket or parking token and we will not be reissuing either for any reason. If you lose your parking token, you will not be able to access the parking lot so please don't lose them! - RDC is not responsible for any damages to the vehicle or theft that may occur in the parking lot. - Please follow instructions from the parking attendants once inside the parking lot. You must park your cars in the designated parking areas. - Lodging inside your car (even in a camping car) is strictly prohibited. - Vans and buses over 6m height cannot be parked on site.
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      Advance ticket ¥16,000 / Door ¥18,000 / Camping ticket ¥3,000 / Parking ticket ¥2,000
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