Blackest Ever Black: John T. Gast, Batu, Hops, DJ Morgiana

  • SET TIMES: 23:00-00:30 DJ Morgiana 00:30-01:30 Hops 01:30-03:00 John T. Gast (live) 03:00-END Batu Orange juice...Blackest Ever Black's last spasm of 2016... back to the battery room, OHM in Berlin... Extended live set of UVA roots and destruction from that most compelling and perfectly opaque of underground operators, JOHN T. GAST (who you'll know of course for his work with Inga Copeland and Hype Williams, various solo mischiefs on 12"/tape and, in 2015's Excerpts, surely the best debut album to come out of the UK in, well, a fuk-lot of years, Judy.) Outings are infrequent, you wouldn't want to miss. BATU is the Bristol producer, DJ and seer behind the Timedance label. Effortlessly futuristic and dubwise, without making a song and dance about it, it's currently the only UK techno/wotucallit labe not just worth getting out of bed for, but making brekky for as well. He's released ice-fire on Livity Sound, Pinch's Cold Recordings, Hotline and Beneath's Mistry, but this year's Monolith EP on his own imprint is on another level. In fact Timedance hasn't put a foot wrong in '16, with an impeccable run of 12"s from Ploy, Bruce and most recently Laksa. Very pleased to bring the boss-of-it-all to Berlin. Support comes from HOPS of Hard Wax and the mighty Version and, with a live/DJ hybrid offering, DJ MORGIANA of za duszno in Poznan. Arrive early for the full soak.
  • Blackest Ever Black: John T. Gast, Batu, Hops, DJ Morgiana - Flyer front