The Selectors presents: Craig Richards and Nicolas Lutz

  • With the much-protested closing (and just announced - REOPENING!) of London’s fabric, now more than ever seems a time to refresh our longstanding relationship with Craig Richards. One of the main driving forces behind the club’s musical aesthetic, his Saturday night residency there and its forward-thinking programming propelled the club itself and him alongside it to legendary status. Craig was never one to hog the spotlight at fabric or elsewhere, releasing a slim, highly-regarded discography either as Tyrant with Lee Burridge or later solo, and the abrupt end of the institution calls many things into question for London and for him personally. The Selector’s and House of Yes proudly welcome him back for a rare New York appearance in the demonstration of solidarity and in full faith that he will deliver the highest possible standard of excellence, as he has done everywhere his work was celebrated, just as it was at fabric at BlkMarket Memberships’ The Nothing Special events. Some may remember the sweatbox party last year with Fred P. and Norm Talley we had with Nicolas Lutz; he is one of a rare breed of DJs whose style centers around the art of the chase: seeking the perfect record, mixed perfectly. Like Craig Richards, Dan Bell or Club der Visionaere compatriot Binh, Lutz’s sets are studied affairs stitched seamlessly together that gain rapturous praise from heads while keeping the dancefloor alive in motion, and his unusual ear extends to his label My Own Jupiter. In the next room, House on Mute’s established curator and resident Cry Baby will share the booth with The Selectors’ Taimur Agha for a rare pairing. ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay,’ presented by The Selectors and House of Yes, is a celebration of the impermanence of things and the new discoveries gained by moving forwards. Join us in gold for this costume ball affair. 21+
  • The Selectors presents: Craig Richards and Nicolas Lutz - Flyer front