Papa Loko: Interconnected

  • THE VENUE HAS NOW CHANGED TO ELECTROWERKZ! Loko returns in December for a visionary night of soul-shaking techno, deep bonding & inner-city wilderness. With a razor-sharp sound and celestial crowd Loko is fast becoming a unique party gathering for those of us that are aware of the magical power of interconnectedness and sound. New ‘Loko Familia’ Ticket Policy - Please Read This Before Coming to the Party!! In our vision for a constantly evolving and utopian party experience, we have decided that for the next Loko, we will try a new and experimental approach on ticketing, through which, the ones of us who can afford it, will cover the costs of tickets for the ones who are in a genuine financial trouble and couldn’t come out to play otherwise. Here is the plan; there will be an allocated number of 25 tickets in total, which will be given for free to those of you who truly can’t afford to pay the minimum £10 advance entry (or the £8 early bird). These free tickets will be then (hopefully) recouped by the majority of you who will either pay the regular price as previously (£10 advance or £13 at the door) and from some of you that feel like paying a little bit extra (£15) on either the Resident Advisor (3rd Release' Option) or £15 at the door. You will not be judged for whatever you choose to do either way. This concept will be based entirely on trust that will only work if we are all conscious and honest as to whether we can genuinely afford a ticket or not and we dig the idea that all living beings are interconnected and so by helping each other we also help and improve ourselves. So, if you would like to party and can’t make the £10 advance (or £8 early bird) ticket on Resident Advisor, please message us privately and we will give you a free entry, as long as there is still a free space available. Once you do get a free entry, if your situation changes for the better before the party, please let us know and will give your free ticket to someone else that may need it more. Below are the different ticketing options: Regular Advance: £10 Loko Familia Advance: £15 Regular at the Door: £13 Loko Familia at the Door: £15 25 Allocated Tickets for Free Entry: Please message us if you cannot afford a ticket. There will be a number of early bird tickets allocated for £8 as usual. Art by Mr Piper Artwork design by Gabriel T. Come as You Are and Leave as You Would Like to Be
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