Daniel Maloso live! Uroz NLK Omar León

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    Daniel Maloso live! (Cómeme) Uroz (MOOG Club) NLK (Clásicos Del Ruido) Omar León (MOOG Club)
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  • Daniel Maloso, one of the most radical representatives of the raw, Lo-fi sound characterising the Cómeme label, will tonight occupy our stage to stimulate your body and your mind with his machines and his microphone. With an indefinable style in the no man’s land between the most stripped down acid house, EBM and other proto-technoid genres, the Mexican’s last discographic appearance consisted of a remix of a Todd Terje tune based on Boney M. The future is bastard, just in case you hadn’t already noticed.
  • Daniel Maloso live! Uroz NLK Omar León - Flyer front