World's End Halloween with Lee Burridge & Friends

  • Halloween: WORLD'S END Presented by BABËL & House of Yes (Secret Location) **Presale tickets are sold out. Limited tickets will be available at the door, first come first serve. Come early to grab one** Join us on Friday October 28th as we weave our way through a multi-faceted fully-immersive theatrical party experience unlike anything we've ever created. Walk with us, as we watch society crumble around us. Prepare yourself for the downfall as we dance in the ashes. Overcome. Let all that remains be the evidence of our existence in the hearts and minds of those we touch; leave only footprints in dust behind. Everything you’ve ever wanted. 5 spaces of experience. Endless potential. Once last time. METROPOLIS. APOCALYPSE. OASIS. LEE BURRIDGE NU (live) BEHROUZ YOKOO STAVROZ (live) HOJ Come prepared to survive. Come prepared to save yourself. Come prepared to fall in love. By morning, spirituality will replace religion, community will replace government, equality will replace inherent societal classes. Electricity will die, and we will live off the fire within. We will reconnect with nature as our city falls. Free love will overcome structured social norms. Time will dissolve; you will only have the present. Reality will shatter as everything will become possible. We invite you to participate with us as the nightmare becomes a daydream. “In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.” This is your grand finale. Your closing ceremony. The end. BELIEVE IN MAGIC 21+
  • World's End Halloween with Lee Burridge & Friends - Flyer front