Fuse presents: Roman Flügel & Aera

  • ROMAN FLUGEL (Dial records, GER) One of the biggest names in the German electronic music scene. Active since the early 1990's, Flugel is a chameleon visiting many styles from ambient/idm to house, techno, electro and leftfield. Works solo or with long time partner Jorn Elling Wuttke. Also co-founders of the Ongaku/Klang/Playhouse labels. AERA (Innervisions, GER) Berlin-based, Aera has been travelling off the beaten path ever since he first went on the road with his Aleph Music label back in 2010. With a steady solo output, he laid out his very own topography in the borderlands in between House, UK Bass and Psychedelia, gaining praise for his creative and non-conformist soundscapes.