Cosey X Metal Dance present 'Severed Heads + Crash Course In Science' Live

  • We are over the moon to announce this very special event: An extremely rare opportunity to experience two of the true, dazzling innovators of electronic dance music live. A London debut for CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE and for SEVERED HEADS their first show in the capital fo 30 years. DJS: TREVOR JACKSON & RICHARD CLOUSTON Industrial, Post Punk, Electronic Body Music... All night dance party. Information for the unititated: SEVERED HEADS Formed 1979 Sydney Severed Heads have made numerous incredible records that have been a huge inspiration in electronic dance music from EBM to Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Back in '79 there were no samplers, no computers, and the Severed Heads style grew around the same tape recorders and oscillators that fueled the avant-garde music of the 20th century. Their exact genre is impossible to define - club singles like Dead Eyes Opened and Greater Reward jostle with aggressive noise-scopes and psychedelic virtual reality installations. A Severed Heads show is somewhere between an arcade game and a live gig. The big screen and the big sound combine the cinematic and the ecstatic. CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE Formed 1979 Philadelphia Having met at art school CCIS experimented to great affect with crude electronics, off-beat writing, electronics, distorted guitars, toy instruments and kitchen appliances to create wonderful, raw percussive records including seminal club tracks like: Flying Turns, Cardboard Lamb and Jump Over Barrels. RICHARD CLOUSTON Founded Cosey Cub in 2002, one of London’s finest underground parties, famous for its brilliant atmosphere and crowd. Clouston’s inimitable DJing is known for its dark, sensual mix of Industrial, House, Post Punk, Disco, New Beat and Electronic Body Music. Exclusive live performances have come from Chris & Cosey, Nitzer Ebb, The Neon Judgement, Factory Floor, Portion Control, 23 Skidoo, Fixmer McCarthy and The Glitter Band. Guest DJs have included: Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe, Carter Tutti, Pam Hogg, Richard Fearless, Pandora’s Jukebox, Nathan Gregory Wilkins, Trevor Jackson, Lokier, Veronica Vasicka. TREVOR JACKSON Trevor Jackson has been working at the forefront of audio and visual culture for nearly 30 years. From creating record sleeves for seminal early hip hop, house and techno releases to recent award winning design campaigns, highly acclaimed installations and exhibitions, 100’s of remixes for artists like Massive Attack, Dinos Chapman, Metronomy, Tiga & the The Cure through to running the legendary Output Recordings label - discovering both Four Tet and kick and LCD Soundsystem amongst many others. Last year he presented FORMAT an album of 12 tracks each available on a different numbered limited edition physical format released by The Vinyl Factory. A multiscreen installation produced by Jackson at the Brewer Street Car Park gallery in London offered people the first chance to experience the album as a unique audio visual experience. This year he released a series of 9 weekly vinyl EP’s of previously unreleased material from his much loved Playgroup project originally released on virgin records in 2001. His METAL DANCE compilations (Strut 2012/13) showcasing industrial, new wave & post punk classic & rarities from the 70's & 80's have been embraced by all generations, winning Resident Advisors Compilation of 2012 as well as numerous other end of year polls. last year’s SCIENCE FICTION DANCEHALL CLASSICS compilation a retrospective of Adrian Sherwood’s seminal label On-U Sound (On U sound/Warp 2015) reinforced his reputation as a respected sound historian specialising in the foundations of experimental dance music. With a forward-thinking approach driven by an enduring commitment to promote innovation and new talent, as well as extensive knowledge and respect for music history and its cultural roots, Jackson's ability to communicate with the dancefloor, whether it be in large clubs like FABRIC (London) PANORAMA BAR (Berlin) REX (Paris) Festivals (Sonar, Glastonbury, Primeveara) High profile music, fashion & Art events (Kraftwerk at the Tate Modern, Serpentine Summer party, V&A, Art Basel, LACMA) or smaller underground parties across the globe, as well as his regular fortnightly NTS radio shows and numerous Boilerroom appearances keep him one of London's most notable and well respected djs
  • Cosey X Metal Dance present 'Severed Heads + Crash Course In Science' Live - Flyer front
    Cosey X Metal Dance present 'Severed Heads + Crash Course In Science' Live - Flyer back