Texture with Baltra, TRP, Annanan, I/O & Zulian

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    Baltra (96 and Forever) TRP (Lobster Theremin) annanan live (Forbidden Planet / LL.M.) I/O (Texture) Zulian (Texture)
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  • Texture dedicates itself to House Music in its complexity, appreciating it as a rhythmical and tonal framework that can be endlessly variegated, recomposed and repeated, still capturing a specific emotional response. Right there in between uncompromisingly raw grooves, pending melodies and playful excursions, intermingling aesthetics continuously recreate free space. That's where Texture wants to start its explorations, inviting fierce aficionados of the genre as well as all friends of a familiar, intense and loosed atmosphere to join the party.
  • Texture with Baltra, TRP, Annanan, I/O & Zulian - Flyer front