The South London Soul Train Friday Night Special w JHC, Mamma Freedom [Live], The Allergies

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    Level 1: Jazzheadchronic, Mamma Freedom [Live], The Allergies [DJ Set], Level 2: Snowboy, Ian Wright, Level 2 / Room 2: Gilla, Dom Servini, Level 3, Chill Zone
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  • ADV TIX FOR FRI NOV 25 - THE SOUTH LONDON SOUL TRAIN FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL w/JHC + MAMMA FREEDOM [LIVE] + MORE ARE SOLD OUT. HOWEVER WE HAVE A MIN OF 500 TICKETS ON THE DOOR + 3 FLOORS OPEN, SO PLENTY OF ROOM FOR EVERYBODY TO COME AND GET DOWN! [Early Pls] Pls check this page for resales folks NEXT EVENTS: Sat Dec 03 - The South London Soul Train Xmas Special w/JHC, Dutty Moonshine Big Band [Live] + More on 4 Floors. ADV SOLD OUT - MIN OF 500 TIX OTD. Pls check for Adv Resales here folks Followed by Sat Dec 17 - The South London Soul Train James Brown 10 Year Anniversary Xmas Special with Jazzheadchronic, Snowboy, Dean Rudland + More on 4 floors. Then …. THE BIG ONE / NYE: Sat Dec 31 - The South London Soul Train New Years Eve, 9 Hour, 4 Floor, 5 Room Epic. Time to keep getting it on. See you on the dancefloors fo sho X Fri Nov 25 - Time for a The South Soul London Soul Train Friday Night Northern Funk Special. Your host with the absolute most JAZZHEADCHRONIC joined by explosive mancunian northern funk merchants - MAMMA FREEDOM [Live] + awesome deck n' breaks duo THE ALLERGIES [DJ Set] + so much more across 3 floors. Bout to blow your mind and body + force feed yoh soul with the best of times good people Level 1 Time to truly get some. Jazzheadchronic dropping an eclectic blend of funk, soul, disco, latin, soul hop, motown, stax, brass joints, breaks, groove + more alongside.... MAMMA FREEDOM [Live] Likened to a split personality, they knock you out with one hand, while picking you up with the other. It’s like watching a storm flatten a building, with anger and fury one minute, then seeing the sun break through the next. It morphs from chaotic to calm in the beat of a drum. A lethal combination of heavy, moody, hard driven, beat laden funk rock, and hip-hop and soaring, warming, uplifting soul with raunchy blues. Mix in a heavy Sly and & the Family Stone 70's funk influence, Zeppelin / Black Crowes - style drive, soaring cinematic strings, and powerful harmonies weaved together by Producer Alexander Johnston using his unique production styles and wall of sound, and delivered by singer/brother J, whose gravel driven, velvet tinged, soul soaked voice scales effortlessly through the range of life's emotions. Having gained global reputation as one of the best new bands, they are selling out venues, playing to capacity crowds and sending them home happy with a tight, explosive live show. ***** London Evening Standard "Stunning!" Karen Gabay BBC Radio "Superb 7 strong Mancunian Funk/Rock task force" - Bristol Metro "Genuinely thrilling" + THE ALLERGIES The Allergies are the production/DJ outfit from heavyweight disc jocks Rackabeat (Chai Wallahs) and DJ Moneyshot (Solid Steel). Drawing on such influences as Boca 45, DJ Format, Gramatik and RJD2, the pair aim to bring that vintage sound of sampled funk, beats and breaks back to the forefront of club music. Time to blow the roof off the sucka! Then - Level 2: King of the rare groove and nasty funk 45 SNOWBOY is joined by one of the best DJ's anytime anywhere and a true global authority in funk and soul music - The Legendary IAN WRIGHT. The duo of most excellent DJs embarking on another epic 7 hour marathon to find and deliver the absolute finest in funk on 45. Grooves to make you go hot, damn and how! Room 2 / Level 2 - First Word founder GILLA + DOM SERVINI serving up more delicious piping hot joints from the world wide underground. The absolute finest in soul, funk, groove and boogie. All night long! Dusk til Dawn. + Don't forget Level 3 is a whole floor dedicated to the art of the chill - A place to catch you’re breath between marathon stints on the dance floor. And with 3 dancefloors pumping all night long - Believe us you're gonna need it and feel it - LONG TIME! Prepare yourselves! 3 floors taking all passengers on a Non-Stop Magical Mystery Tour through all things Too Damn Funky. P-Funk to Jazz Funk, Soul Jazz to Rare Groove N’ Stax, Brass, Breaks, Bop and Hop to Motown, Club Classics and Anthems. However - Passengers are requested to check their Souls at the Station as this ones for good time party people only! No Bass Wobbles Here, Only Love, Funk and Souuuuuuuul. Event Runs 10pm - 5am / Admission £5/7/10 Adv from RA or £13 OTD / Takes place on the 1st + 3rd Sat Monthly + on-going specials. NOTE: 500 TICKETS ALWAYS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR. But pls get there early as is always a roadblock, but once in it's well worth it :D NEXT EVENT: The South London Soul Train 4 Floor Xmas Special w JHC, Dutty Moonshine Big Band [Live] Time to keep getting it ON! See you on the dancefloors fo sho X
  • The South London Soul Train Friday Night Special w JHC, Mamma Freedom [Live], The Allergies - Flyer front
    The South London Soul Train Friday Night Special w JHC, Mamma Freedom [Live], The Allergies - Flyer back