D_003 with Gary Beck, Shlømo (Live), Tapefeed, Children of Tomorrow

  • Distortion is back. This time you're in for a treat: Gary Beck, Shlomo (live) & Tapefeed. We're also proud to host Arnaud le Texier, Antonio De Angelis and NDR from Childrens of Tomorrow in Room 2. **Gary Beck** As a regular fixture at the world's top clubs and festivals, Glasgow born producer and DJ Gary Beck has long been established as a primary figure in techno. Known and respected for his unique sound, he has gained support from the best names in the business and released music on some of the genre's leading labels, institutions such as Drumcode, Cocoon and Saved as well as his own BEK Audio imprint. Since his emergence onto the scene in 2007, Beck has accumulated an impressive list of achievements. Highlights include a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and a Boiler Room session, as well as numerous collaborations with similarly exceptional talents such as Green Velvet, Mark Broom and Speedy J. 2012 saw the release of his seminal debut album 'Bring a Friend' on the legendary Soma Records label. The last few years have seen Gary Beck's career trajectory continue to soar, with shows at renowned clubs such as Womb Tokyo, Fabric London, Awakenings, Output NYC, and Timewarp, to name a few. In addition to a packed performance schedule, Beck spends time as head of BEK Audio, an imprint which has quickly become one of the most revered techno labels on the scene **Shlømo** Paris born Shlømo, 29 years old, is currently one of the new figures of French techno scene. He discovers this scene in 2005 with electronica and IDM music, being influenced by Warp, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. A few years later, he comes accross warehouse techno parties inspired by Sandwell District, his enthusiasm bringing him to buy his first machines to start producing.In 2013, he creates Taapion Records with AWB and PVNV and releases his first EP : The Harvest, which was very well received by the audience.His music is at the crossroad of techno, electronica and original movie soundtracks. Bit by bit, he is playlisted by big names and remixed grounded figures as Norman Nodge, Inigo Kennedy, Donato Dozzy and the French artists Bambounou, Antigone. It has been now Four years that this gifted producer dedicates himself to live production, such as the one he presented in 2015 at the ADE (where he played alongside artists from PoleGroup, Modularz and Wolfskuil), Berghain or at the Exit and Weather Festival.He signed a remix with Antigone for AWB (on his own label Taapion), released his Rechaïm remixed EP from Bambounou, Donato Dozzy, Kennedy Smith and himself on Bright Sounds. He also released In Absentia EP on Delsin and The Rapture EP on ARTS, Vanished Breath on Wolfskuil and is currently working on an album to be released on Taapion as well as several remixes and will be playing at festivals such as Freerotation, Montreux next summer. **Tapefeed** Tapefeed is an electronic music project born from the collaboration between the two italian djs and producers Alessandro Boni and Rick Vayo. After a long period of b2b sessions, the two artists started to enter/begin together in a process of musical evolution and growth that lead both acts to join under the name of Tapefeed. Their music is characterised by evolving and hypnotic ambient sounds merged together with techno-tribal percussions, heavy basslines and emotional melodies. One of the main things that contributed to creation and evolution of the sound is the very different music background of the duo. Alessandro’s music knowledge comes from his long experience as music/art director, event organiser and dedicated music listener while Rick has a strong music experience as drummer in rock and funk bands enriched by recent production and piano studies. They are resident Djs and Organisers of Tales, a new party and creative platform in which different artistic expressions merge together to create a unique audiovisual experience. **Arnaud Le Texhier** Arnaud’s career dates back to 1990 when he first began managing record shops and building what is now a huge archive of knowledge, taste and musical dedication to his name. His five years residency at Paris’s Queen and memorable sets around Europe over the years that followed perfected Arnaud’s djing skills, earning him his spot in the worldwide scene where he continues to this day to be a prominent dj and production figure. Since 2006 Arnaud lives in London where he played in different clubs or parties and he is a regular Dj at Fabric since 10 years. Arnaud runs Children Of Tomorrow since 2011 a label created by Emmanuel Ternois in 2008. They decided to focus on the techno side. For over more than 20 years they have both shared their passion for timeless techno Music. Raw and timeless are the main elements of the label. Arnaud is releasing his own music and confirmed talents such as : Terrence Dixon, Oscar Mulero, ROD, Jonas Kopp, Ryan Elliott, Samuli Kemppi, Zadig, Antigone, Tensal, Exium, Savas Pascalidis, Antonio De Angelis, Birth Of Frequency and many more have been involved with releases or remixes. Almost all the releases have been played or charted by huge artists such has Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Ben Sims, Rodhad, DJ Deep, Chris Liebing, Dave Clarke and many more. Label boss Arnaud Le Texier together with his partners and colleagues organise regularly a series of Children Of Tomorrow parties in London & abroad that focus on talented Techno producers. Arnaud produced different EP’s & remixes for Affin, Bass Culture, Cocoon, Children of Tomorrow, Chronicle, Syncrophone, Safari Electronique, etc… to name few since 1999 when he started to write his own music. Safari Electronique made his name as a label manager by often being the first to discover who was about to become a big talent with best known and highly respected artists. Since 2013 Arnaud is also producing with Antonio De Angelis under Detect Audio’s alias. Arnaud is one of the true veterans of the London underground music scene. Having been associated or played at every major techno party over the last 10 years, Arnaud has kept himself at the very forefront of the scene. Arnaud is a true master of song selection and mix at work with a perfect blend of natural talent and raw flare with very distinctive music.Through his focus on music quality and originality, as well as his performances on an International level, Arnaud Le Texier became one of the leaders in electronic sound. **Antonio De Angelis** Antonio de Angelis, dj, producer in constant evolution, is always looking for new targets and more challenges, experimenting uncommon paths and inventing innovative languages. Eclectic, creative, curious and involving, has a unique style which transmits passion and adrenaline, dreams and emotions. His sets are marked by the art of sound manipulation and style pollution, challenging standards and prejudices, playing wisely with technology and everything that enables him to change and produce music reworks. Antonio doesn’t aim to classify his sound within precise boundaries, but it’s quite easy to perceive strong house roots with contemporary techno and deep inflections. **NDR** Andrea Sirica comes into the electronic music world with a new project called NDR. He follows a different and new single way, with a proper TECHNO project, sound acoustics strongly evoking DUB . Meanwhile his ability and musical competence improve, getting ahead with his personal style either from the small clubs to the most important London venues such as Paradox, One More, Fabric and The Egg…..achieving increasing success and being esteemed in the electronic music world. he is often guest in important european clubs such as: Berlin (Weekend Club), Barcelona (Sonar), Moscow (Monasterio), Ibiza (Sankeys, Zoo project) His personal and typical sound always succeeds to reach an incredible crowd feeling. Today he is also part of Children of tomorrow Project/label with several events which take place in London. **Children Of Tomorrow** Children of Tomorrow is a label managed by Arnaud Le Texier & Emmanuel Ternois who share their passion of timeless Techno music since 20 years... With the support of our resident djs Axel Picodot and Yacine Dessouki. Exclusive offer only available until Sunday 20th of Jan at 12PM. Buy one ticket for 38 pounds and have access to the next 4 distortions. We have allocated 40 tickets only.
  • D_003 with Gary Beck, Shlømo (Live), Tapefeed, Children of Tomorrow - Flyer front