Cancel // Footprint足迹 The Last Supper with Lee Holman

  • Venue
    Sense Club
    • Area B (middle area), the Party Pier, Yue Jiang West Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
  • Date
    Sat, 22 Oct 2016
    22:00 - 04:00
  • Attending
    • 2
  • An uncompromising underground ethos, Lee Holman has garnered support from a host of Techno's brightest names. Perfrming in clubs siince the late ninties, he has travelled throughout Europe compounding a reputation for his unique vision on Techno. Playing a fusion of deep raw and energetic electronics, his sound creates a myriad of tension, constructing the perfect combination of musicality for club appearances. Appearing both as a live act and as a DJ have unlocked oppurtunities to share hallowed ground with Techno's elite, playing in prestigious underground venues such as Corsica Studios London, 8Bahn Arnhem, Arena and Tresor Berlin. Production has earned him international recognition, leaving his mark buiding a reputation for consistency, originality and delivering his dynamix sound on both cutting edge and classic Techno labels. Generating consistent support, he has remixed for high profile artists such as Aubrey and Gary Beck, and has himself been remixed by leading Techno mainstays ranging from Orlando Voorn to Mike Dehnert. Founding the Kawl imprint, the label's aim was to provide diversity in Techno and this formula was immediately picked up on and amounted to rave reviews on Resident Advisor and impressive charts and plays by leading connoisseurs of the underground. With an ever expanding release schedule, combining original compositions, remixes and an imminent new label project called Demarcation, Lee Holman promises to be unrelenting in his definition of essential timeless Techno. Lee Holman 一个决不妥协的地下音乐精神追求者,一个获得来自业界无数的支持,一个又一个来自Techno世界里最耀眼的名字。 自九十年代后期开始俱乐部演出,他游走于欧洲,留下了对Techno具有独到见解的美誉。糅合了深邃,充满本能天性和活力的电子之声。他用声音创造了一种接近无限的紧凑感。通过Live Act和DJ两种表演形式,他的身影出现在了久负盛名的地下俱乐部圣地如: Corsian Studios London, 8Bahn Arnhem, Arena 和 Tresor Berlin等等。 而他的制作是为他赢得国际认同最重要标志,他始终如一的高水准和独特的声音逻辑使他的唱片脱颖而出,发行于唱片厂牌如: Modular Expansion, Translucent, Children of Tomorrow, DMT, CLFT等这些前卫或经典Techno 音乐唱片厂牌;同时他为众多高质量的音乐人制作remix如: Aubrey, Gary Beck, 和Techno中流砥柱们如: Orlando Voorn, Mike Dehnert为他制作remix. 2010年他创立唱片厂牌Kawl,为寻求更多样化的Techno声音,首张发行即得到Resident Advisor的专门推荐。 随着不断扩大的发行计划以及他另成立了Demarcation新唱片唱片,Lee Holman将毫无疑问的继续他无边无际的Techno探索。