Housepitality: Bells & Whistles, Victor Vega & Joel Conway

  • (((HOUSEPITALITY))) Headlining debut of... ::BELLS & WHISTLES (AYLI, Desert Hearts, SF) ::VICTOR VEGA (Housepitality, SF) In the Groove Lounge ::JOEL CONWAY (Housepitality ) * Yanick Rieffel & Zack Yakovlev have been rolling together for a long time now; they're like Batman and Robin, Like Tango and Cash, like Superman and Lois Lane (I think I know which one is lois, but that's their business). What I'm sayiing is that while each of them is a powerhouse unto himself, like any real dynamic duo, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You know, it's like milk AND cereal, beer AND cigarettes, drugs AND money. Anyhow, you put this duo together with a crowed, and it happens again, two elements generating something inexplicably better than you had any right to expect .They'll do their part; you do yours. * Victor Vega; A Maverick, Renaissance Man, DJ, Promoter, videographer, brand ambassador, Flr/Mngr and aspiring producer. This guy Works diligently in the PiT week in and week... holding things down and for this guy, "It's not about winning it's about endurence." For those late nights, some till 4am HousePiT understands The Vega. This is Vega's quarterly DJ apperence at HousePit and each set is maticulously curated to stay current and fresh. * JOEL CONWAY; The man you love to love. There's no question that this man inspires many in the DJ circle and dancers on the dance floor, a true ninja!! PER USUAL: Free champagne from 9pm-10pm. As always , free with RSVP before 10pm @ Or get a $5 presale ticket through resident advisor, look for that link in this invite. See you there. WE GOT YOU!
  • Housepitality: Bells & Whistles, Victor Vega & Joel Conway - Flyer front