Green Ray*16 - Lux Curated by Dvs1

  • DVS1 Great love stories shouldn´t be lived in secret. You just want to scream at the world about them. And Minnesota native Zak Khutorestky´s passions, whispered for 20 years, are told out loud nowadays, in a way that the electronic scene can´t ignore. That´s right, 20 years. Even though has only begun to be pronounced more intensely in the last 4 or 5 years, two decades is how long DVS1 has been involved with sound, parties, DJing, production and releasing records, and he´s now decided to tell us the whole story with the Hush 20 European Tour, which has one of it´s key moments of revelation with this Green Ray party. The biggest revelation? That he´s not just a techno guy or a house guy. He´s a music guy. Those are his own words, and they explain why this night is subtitled “Hush vs. Mistress”. Hush is “techno wife”, the label through which he puts out his own productions and is more representative of the side of his work that made him a household name. Mistress is his lover, the outlet for all the other things he likes in music on the side, focused mainly on new artists´ work. Two different ways of loving one same thing, after all, the music, united by the same principles: total devotion and a desire to dive deep into the beats and rhythms, in search of timeless sounds. And that´s what this night is supposed to be, a declaration of electronic love, as told by DVS1. LAPIEN (Live) Maybe of the artists that better represents the musical ethos of DVS1´s label projects, Lapien is one those who guys who defy the pre-made ideas we may have about tonight´s curator. A superficial approach to his music might lead some to a limited definition: “this sounds like deep-house”. But you try and spin again a record like his brand new ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’, out on Radio Slave´s Rekids, and you´ll realize the faults in such a quick judgement. Techno is present too, in the tension created by the sound palette, in the economy of processes he uses and in the hypnotic construction of the music, but they are tempered by a looseness, subtlety and a light and airy undercurrent which how everything to house music. This is certainly due, in part, to the fact that dutchman Nick Lapien is also part of the techno duo Artefakt, also a project is rapid ascension, whose name is solidifying through a sound that some have called “modern trance music”. It was surely Lapien´s abilty to evade easy categorization, that has seduced DVS1 and made him one of the artists with more tracks issued on Mistress. Lapien also has two loves, but in many ways, they are one and the same. ASOK Not long ago, someone told DVS1 : “so I heard that ASOK record you put out… I thought you were a techno dude!”. That´s right, surprises can be found at every corner of this Green Ray´s musical selector´s sound universe. UK man Stu Robinson is another example of the malleability of the Mistress project, and maleable is one the adjectives you can apply to Stu´s music, fundamentally house, due in no small part to an approach he described has having a plan that consists in having no plan at all. So, he´s not worried at all with rules and pristine cleanliness, and just goes on instinct and feeling. His analog jams produced on vintage hardware, treat perfection as a symbol of boredom to be avoided, and any mistakes are treated as opportunities. It´s no wonder Zak admires him so much, actually, Not only he related to this approach, he also tells us how ASOK makes the kind of music he likes to play on the occasional slots he gets at Panorama Bar instead of the more usual Berghain. Trippy music with fluid structures but an assured impact, ASOK´s sound is an antidote to predictability, an electric discharge waiting to be let loose at Lux. MR. G (Live) When it comes the very british Mr. G, you can definitely say his love isn´t hushed or whispered. It´s exuberantly displayed in public, without a shadow of sin or prudeness. Etched in our memories are images of Colin McBean´s previous visit to Lux, when in the middle of the dancefloor and at the climax of his live-act, we found ourselves face to face with Colin himself, dancing like a human whirlwind amidst the ravers. Mr. G really does what us to feel the passion emanating from his infernal groove machines in our bones, and looking you straight in the die, he basically demands from you to get lost in the waves sound as much as he does himself. In the thick of the nineties, Colin was dishing out tumultuous techno as one half of The Advent, with Cisco Ferreira, and even though, in time, his beats got looser and the flavour became housier, none of his music´s impact was lost. A veteran with an illustrious career which earned him a spot as true house innovator, Mr. G had to almost literally snatch the groove from the hands of death, which he saw up close in the past, to be able to bring it intact and pure to our dancefloor. A larger-than-life legend who will rock this Green Ray to it´s core. GHETTO It´s always easier to get to talk to the love of our lives if someone facilitates the contact and helps to break the ice. For DVS1, Ghetto was a true matchmaker. An historied virtual unknown outside of Zak´s birthplace of Minneapolis, american Daniel Cortez is a local legend and was, from an early age (we´re talking the nineties, here), a sort of guide and mentor to him, that friend who always knew the right lines, or in this case, the right tracks, giving the advice and the ears that are so vital to any young man in love. His encyclopaedic knowledge, specially when it comes to house, his uncommon skills and his “all for the good of the party” attitude, made a mark on DVS1 which he upholds to this day, night after night. On an evening of revealed secrets, Daniel is the best kept secret and at the same time, the ultimate revelator of what made the Hush vision become what it his. He is the final and fundamental piece of the puzzle, which gives sense to the whole thing. Every hero has his origins story, every love has that spark that awakens it. Ghetto is that spark. Words: Nuno Mendonça
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