IAW at Upload with Dj Tree - Ettore - Dɘiv

  • IAW Opening at UpLoad We are back for this season with a very special opening party at UpLoad club! LINE UP: - DJ TREE ( Slow Life - Berlin) Back with IAW after a very busy summer our beloved Dj Tree is gonna be the headliner for this Opening Party at Upload. DJ Tree's humble beginnings as a "digger" began in the soulful section of Hip Hop, inspired from the music first heard on cassette tapes recoded live from the very famous AOL parties being held in Naples. His desire and fierce curiosity for music as a whole led him to shift his focus to the Balearic island of Ibiza, where here his palette expander further into the realms of Techno and House music at places such as DC10, with the island's special energy, he was able to completely devote himself to this lifestyle and seriously explore the reality of making this his life. It is now in Berlin where DJ Tree has firmly set a base for himself and his musical agenda. He is a founding member of the collective group know as Slow Life, consisting of fellow artists Laurine, Cecilio and Sergio Moreira. > https://soundcloud.com/breakfast-club-music-1/breakfast-club-cast-012-slow-life > https://soundcloud.com/yayevent/yay-podcast-018-dj-tree - ETTORE ( Pragmatism - Naples) Our second guest for this opening party, Ettore, '86 Class grows attending the clubs of Ibiza, Frankfurt, London and Berlin, influenced by the wave italo -house of the '90s and minimal waves of the millennium. Six -year stay in Rome help to increase further depth his plays and his research, and an attitude which, translated in his native city, Cosenza (South of Italy), led him to become founder and resident DJ of Pororoka, party in which divides the console with names like Cassy, Francesco Del Garda, Ion Ludwig, Praslea and many others. He is currently resident of Pragmatism, one of the best italian underground party of last season. We are really proud to bring him in Barcelona for the first time! > https://soundcloud.com/lize-records/lizecast022 > https://soundcloud.com/pragmatism/pgm-podcast-01-ettore - DɘIV ( IAW - Barcelona) > https://soundcloud.com/iaw-65271774/la-radio-iaw-w-div >>> Live Broadcast from www.laradio.live >>> Visual by Carmine Spizuoco We gonna change the venue a little bit ;) * No Guest List * Ticket on RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?874814 > 1st release 6 € > 2nd release 8 € > At Door 12€
  • IAW at Upload with Dj Tree - Ettore - Dɘiv - Flyer front