ADE 2016 Indeep'n'dance: Patent Skillz Records

  • From all over the world to Amsterdam. Founded in Bulgaria, at home everywhere and the future in its sights. Phase one already has been accomplished by establishing the PS-movement in the electronic music scene. In Step two Patent Skillz Records wants to spread it further and make it possible for everyone to be close to the action as a part of a worldwide celebrating cult. So the official label showcase series just has been launched traveling from Berlin over Helsinki all the way to Amsterdam. Where else does a PS showcase need to be than the world famous Amsterdam Dance Event, the middle point of the electronic industry, club culture and global trends. Therefore, of course, a suitable program has been set up, which not only meets the requirements of the ADE but also corresponds to the standards of Patent Skillz: An amount of 15 artists from all around the world, presenting as well the PS history as its future, will be playing b2b for 4 hours straight to let you feel how it is to be a part of the movement. Don´t hide, don´t back out – it´s not crazy, it´s all making sense now.
  • ADE 2016 Indeep'n'dance: Patent Skillz Records - Flyer front