Signal > Noise v2.2: Bill Converse

  • SIGNAL > NOISE v2.2: the TENTH update in Rochester's series of intimate gatherings featuring DJs and artists at the forefront of house and techno. BILL CONVERSE resides in Austin, Texas but his music may as well originate on another undiscovered planet. It's safe to say that no one is currently pushing the boundaries of underground dance music like the man. Whether it's his intense, psychedelic DJ sets or mind-blowing original productions on the DARK ENTRIES and OBSOLETE FUTURES labels, Converse represents the vanguard of techno music today. Fusing elements of electro, experimental, IDM and ambient with hypnotic dance grooves, Bill Converse sonically transports listeners to expansive, mysterious new realms, revealing echoes of an ancient past and whispers of an inconceivable future. SIGNAL > NOISE proudly presents Bill Converse's Western NY debut: an extended 4+ hour DJ set in the new 2nd floor loft space at 45 Euclid: arguably the crown jewel of Western NY dance music venues.
  • Signal > Noise v2.2: Bill Converse - Flyer front