#Raveforshaun - Shaun Bloodworth Fundraiser

  • Shaun Bloodworth is a photographer living and working from Sheffield. He has taken an avid interest in the underground electronic music scene, documenting key players, collectives and musicians within the scenes from around the world. . From his work with Rinse, FWD, Bleep, Tempa, and countless others - he has documented many many artists all over the world. He has recently become very ill. He’s been in the Northern General Hospital for 4 months now, waiting for a liver transplant. He's also suffered an infection that led to him having his lower leg amputated. His transplant is now imminent, but it’s becoming critical that he receives a new liver soon. Shaun is also self-employed, so this enforced and lengthy stay in hospital, and subsequent rehabilitiation, is making a bad situation even worse. These event are a chance for his friends to create something positive for Shaun and his family at this awful time. Now is our chance to give back to one of the most loved men in the music industry...
  • #Raveforshaun - Shaun Bloodworth Fundraiser - Flyer front
    #Raveforshaun - Shaun Bloodworth Fundraiser - Flyer back