10 Years of Plex with Bleed

  • 10 years of Plex with BleeD - 21 artists, 3 rooms, 12hrs of music...... We're celebrating our 10-year milestone with a 12-hour party and a lineup of epic proportions. It's time for another smasher at Corsica Studios, joined by underground champions BleeD in The Colombian... it's going to be a right proper knees-up!! Our headliner is a well-guarded secret, but suffice to say they are an internationally renowned artist and someone who we've been wanting to book for years. No guesses as to their identity will be confirmed or denied, and they will be playing a long-awaited 3-hour set from midnight in the main room. EXCITED! Joining them will be an underground hero made good, a superlative DJ and globe-trotter, playing a special set for us. Another major international artist and someone who is well-known for their uncanny ability to combine multiple flavours into their sets... no further clues! These two mysterious figures will be joined by UK Techno don Perc. An ally of Plex from our first collaborative parties back in 2012 and a long time veteran of the international electronic scene, the past few years have seen Ali really make the more intense Techno sound his own. He'll be closing out the main room in fine style! Debuting his live set in the UK exclusively for Plex will be the man, the myth, the legend; A Made Up Sound. Dave Huismans has a singular and distinctive voice in electronic music and a sure ability to maintain dancefloor pressure even through left and right turns; we can't wait to hear what he's got lined up for his live show. One half of Voices From The Lake alongside Donato Dozzy, Neel will be making a rare solo appearance for BleeD playing a 2-hour live hardware set. Synonymous with adventurous, deep and pulsating Techno, fusing rhythm and ambience in hugely captivating ways, his releases on the choicest underground labels are well worth seeking out! Our brother-in-arms Ancient Methods makes his annual return to the Plex birthday front-left and no doubt will come armed with the kind of dancefloor-slaying cuts that make him an ever-intriguing and enrapturing presence. He continues to go from strength to strength as a DJ and producer, and every year we get a fresh education from his unique musical perspectives. Tom Ford aka Peverelist is responsible for turning our ears on to so much good music, both in his own unconventional and beautifully produced music and with his skill as a DJ. The Livity Sound founder and is undoubtedly one of the best DJs we've heard, and will be digging deep to play the ruff stuff... BleeD’s own Volte-Face played on a Berghain bill with Blind Observatory last year and was blown away by the drama and romance of his set. His sound can be characterised by an early Trance feeling alongside a thoroughly modern take on transcendental Techno. It'll be an extended back-to-back session for the London debut of a producer and DJ we’ll be hearing a lot more from in the years to come. Heavy tings promised from Manni Dee's first live outing. Manni's been making waves for a some time now and his productions and DJing have brought him acclaim across the world. We're looking forward to 'brutal beats, rhythmic noise, live vocals' in this debut full live show, incorporating tailor made instruments and pedals... oooft! One of the most prolific new voices in European electronic music, Varg has distinguished himself with a trademark sound that seems to owe as much to the outer reaches of Norwegian black metal as it does to contemporary Techno and experimental electronica. His live set will undoubtedly be one of many stand out moments of the night! No Data Available is adopting a new alias for one night only, Xelp. An absolute wizard on the Korg Volcas, his set is totally live, improvised and a tear-out all-machine jam. We find it astounding that he can conjure up such booting tunes on-the-fly, and he'll be playing a firing peak time set for us. Yes mate. Neighbourhood's Tasha knows what makes a dancefloor move and has impeccable taste in Techno and beyond. Having heard her take the roof off at Neighbourhood and beyond we're very much looking forward to her Plex debut :) Lee ‘Choronzon’ Adams is an artist, curator, DJ and owner of Khemia Records. He runs the infamous Techno institution Kaos, which has hands down the freakiest, most creative and most loyal crowd of any such party in the capital. Flying in from her adopted Berlin, the former Chicago resident QBot is another long-time Plex ally and devotee of underground Techno. Having learned her craft opening for Ben Klock, Chris Leibing et al at Smartbar Chicago, she now spins Techno regularly in the German capital. Another Plex debut and we're well happy to have Lisa over for our 10th birthday :) An invigorated Tengui will be returning to Plex to make his mark, with a no doubt iconoclastic and spirited set. His b2b2b sets at suPlex have been absolutely riotous and he comes with pure fire each time. Expect more badness on the night from the former Colony founder. null+void's Kirsti is also a regular guest at the suPlex jams and at those parties has been pulling belter after belter out of her record bag. One of those DJs whose breadth of taste and excellent ear for 'the right tune at the right time' make her sets a education for the ears and feet. Many will know the deft and skilful stitch-together mixing of Strepsil from his many sets at Plex over the years. A DJ with broad focus and a means to put tunes together in ways that don't seem possible, we've always been impressed with his selections and his party-friendly attitude ;) This unbelievable lineup of exceptional talent and forward-thinking music will be held together by your noble hosts in the form of bass-Techno rudeboy Skunkrock (who also represents the vibe at Sect in Leeds), the rugged JungleTechno of Luke Handsfree, and the driving roughneck smashers of James Tec, our three resident DJs who each bring their own take on the Plex vibe. This is going to be a big one, celebrating thousands of hours of magnificent music, interesting personalities, over 250 guest DJs and live acts, incredible venues and some of the most mental nights of our lives partying with you lovely crew over the past 10 years. See you front left speaker! Plex x
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