Ritetrax 1st Birthday with A Guy Called Gerald

  • RiteTrax 1st birthday bidness @ Trafalgar Warehouse, Trafalgar street, Sheffield... (Behind corporation) Online tickets.. £̶5̶/̶£̶6̶/̶£̶7̶/̶£̶8̶/̶£̶9̶/̶£̶1̶0̶/̶£12/£14/£15 ▸ Party For The People: https://tickets.partyforthepeople.org/events/2162-ritetrax-1st-birthday-bizness ▸ Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ritetrax-1st-birthday-bizness-with-a-guy-called-gerald-tickets-27336197302 ▸ Skiddle: http://skiddle.com/e/12829469 £15 paper tickets coming soon to ▸ Golden Harvest (abbeydale rd) ▸ ALT SEEN EYE (charles st) ▸ Balance (division st) £15 ON THE DOOR! ****************************************************** This October RiteTrax turns 1! Come and celebrate with us as we host an all night party to remember.. featuring a multi rig link up of up and coming soundsystems alongside live art, spoken word, exhibitions, dazzling projections and some seriously serious producers and DJs in a unique warehouse space in the centre of Sheffeel... So, in a year we've managed to - crowdfund over £2000 - incorporate as an asset locked community interest company - worked with well over 100 musicians, artists and creatives to showcase diverse talent from Sheffield and beyond - launch with backing from the Prince's Trust - host a monthly radio show on Manchester's Reform Radio - host our very own free community festival RiteTrax on the Bole Hills - gain a place on the School for Social Entrepreneurs programme for 2016 We think this is cause for a celebration... so we are goin in on this 1!! ... ♫ LIVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC & UNDERGROUND DANCE MUSIC SHOWCASE Taking you on a journey from live ambient electronica through all kinds of electronic party music with one of the ORIGINATORS OUT HEYA -- A GUY CALLED GERALD -- on the 2 hr old skool hardware set bizness & MISTABISHI bringin some gritty jump up through a groovebox... **** expect ECLECTIC OTHERWORLDLY GROOVERS & BANGERS all night long from ISIS MORAY, DJ PIPES, DR CRYPTIC, PHATWORLD & THE RITETRAX RESIDENTS!! ☢ TUMPIN SOUND! Massive four rig link up featuring up and coming steel city soundsystems Theta Productions, Insub Audio, KomatiK Audio, Cemetery Sounds Sheffield !! Serious Void Acoustics INSIDE ⚛ VIBIN DECOR & VISUALS! Live projected visuals from DAMP Studios and Futurhood av. ✍ LIVE ART & EXHIBITS! Live painting and drawing from of our favourite local artists, exhibits & displays from our collection, street exhibition, collaborative/inclusive art pieces, stalls & more... ✎ SPOKEN WORD! Tucked away in a corner of the warehouse there will be a cosy space away from the chaos for you to enjoy an array of words and rhymes! **************** FULL LINE UP **************** ▸ hosts: MC Rusty & CB ⇧ A GUY CALLED GERALD [2 HR LIVE] (( Sugoi Records / Pro Tech Shon / Rham! / Warlock / Columbia Records / CBS Records / Juice Box / Retroactive Records / !K7 Records / Sender Records / BeatStreet / Laboratory Instinct Records & Bookings / Perlon / Bosconi Records )) Well, what can we say really? Gerald is an innovator. An originator. From raw electro funk to the washed out bliss of ‘Pacific State’, from the rugged and tribal sounds of ‘Groove of the Ghetto’ to the no nonsense jackin’ of ‘Blow Your House Down’, A Guy Called Gerald has been a driving force in dance music for over 25 years. In his 20s, Gerald was already making tunes with artists like Derrick May and co-founded 808 State, producing music that would go on to influence generations of artists all over the world. He has been described as a ‘self written bible of dance music’, collaborating with seminal artists like Frankie Knuckles and Herbie Hancock and releasing notable remixes of The Stone Roses, David Bowie and others. Taking influences from the sounds of New York, Detroit, Berlin and his hometown of Manchester, from ‘Voodoo Ray’ to ‘How Long is Now’, Gerald has been forever relevant, forever forward-thinking; his art forever evolving, forever musical. We are beyond buzzin’ to bring him into a city centre warehouse space for a two hour live session improvising his unique sound alongside some of our favourite acts from Sheffeel and beyond. This is going to be special… ▸ A Guy Called Gerald ♫ https://soundcloud.com/aguycalledgerald ♫ https://aguycalledgerald.bandcamp.com/ ⇧ MISTABISHI &KORG ELECTRIBE [LIVE] (( Hospital Records / VIRUS Records / Noh / Infectious Records )) Coming up from London to show us some real old skool electronic musicianship it's the man like Mistabishi. Honing his craft in squat parties on the Korg EMX and with notable releases on Hospital records & others, "This is real party music, for people who like their parties loud, screwfaced and completely free of official meddling"... expect a honking bass assault!! ▸ Mistabishi ♫ https://soundcloud.com/mistabishi ⇧ DR CRYPTIC B2B PHATWORLD (( Chip Butty Records // Off Me Nut Records )) These lot have been murkin it left right and centre for the last few years, pushing and redefining the sound of Sheffield bass music in the process. Celebrate two of Sheff's primary independent labels with a gully bassline session! ▸ Dr Cryptic ▸ Phatworld ♫ https://soundcloud.com/dr_cryptic ♫ https://soundcloud.com/phatworld ⇧ DJ PIPES (( Kabal Backstreet Bashment // UK Mondo Radio )) Holding it down as Kabal's resident DJ and playing host to some of the most vibrant parties in these seven hills, it's only right that we invite Pipes down to celebrate with us. Warming things up for us before the headliners with eclectic groovers and bangers straight from the heart and down to ya marrow bone ;).. ♫ https://soundcloud.com/pipes ⇧ ISIS MORAY [LIVE] We describe Isis Moray's live performance as "A mesmerising live set which utilises various hardware boxes from vocal processors to drum machines and samplers to create a deep soundscape, progressing through washed out ambience to more rugged and squelchy techno." Her performance at Golden Harvest earlier in the year was a real highlight for us and we're delighted to bring her unique sound into a warehouse venue. ▸ Isis Moray ♫ https://soundcloud.com/moraymusic ⇧ RITETRAX RESIDENTS RiteTrax resident DJs and founders bourbon•muncher, Seymour Adams and Joe G on b2b bizness to finish things up!! ▸ RiteTrax ♫ https://soundcloud.com/ritetrax ♫ https://mixcloud.com/ritetrax ⚛ LIVE ART & STREET ART EXHBITION featuring the RiteTrax art collection with work from the likes of Affix // HONE // trik09 // Marcus Method // Leto G // David Wilkinson // Pawski/ Dala ((some also available on £3 A3 prints)) Live art, exhbits & art sales from Marcus Method http://marcusmethod.com/ Trik09graffiti http://www.trik9.com/ Mila K http://milak.co.uk/ FSB https://fatskinnybassturd.bigcartel.com/ Dala https://dala-art.tumblr.com/ Thomas Mannion Alex M. Peck FiveFive Sabeena Jodie Cowling snorv ✎ SPOKEN WORD POETRY Richard C Bower Andy Szpuk Bo Meson Phoenix McAndrew Def Ninja Dave Viney ⚕⚕ RITETRAX CIC RiteTrax is a newly formed social enterprise established to provide a platform for underground creative culture. Part events promotion company, part record label, part creative collective, we exist to showcase the talented and often under appreciated work of underground artists. By providing opportunities for people to perform, collaborate, create and inspire... we aim to curate exciting multi-media events and creative workshops and provide a sustainable positive platform through which artists can share and distribute their work. In the future we hope to work with disadvantaged groups in the community to provide valuable work experience in the creative sector, boost employabilty skills and promote wellbeing. >> find out more @ www.ritetrax.co.uk
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