Drift at Pelican

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    Amber Hanson Rowe Ellen Camilla Rose Alistair Leys Daisy Parris Sol King Sonni Rossi A Young Georgia Clemson
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  • Lack a place. That wet gross moss you’re staring at - engrossed. What do you stand to gain from it? We speak because silence is displacement And the empty is non-existent in the heart of the metropolis. An aroma of change is in the air and it’s unsettling. South East Drift at Peckham Pelican is an exhibition of the regular contributors (such as Amber Hanson Rowe, Ellen Camilla Rose and Alistair Leys) to South East Drift, a South East London based arts, music and events community. Normally working out of a studio in Deptford, it was important to use a venue locally and in a place where people living locally too could see the work. The work itself consists of a mixture of painting, photography and documentary style film (on the opening) all produced individually by the artists over the past year. The opening will also host acoustic music and film screenings. Opening Party: Thursday 18th August, 7.30pm
  • Drift at Pelican - Flyer front