Papa Loko

  • In just a handful of parties, Papa Loko has crafted its own distinct sound, created a progressive all-inclusive vibe and gained a dedicated following. In an authentic and evolutionary environment reminiscent of Berlin underground techno parties and with a frequency-accurate Flipside sound system, Loko takes the best of contemporary techno, backs it with intention and transforms it into forceful energy that has the power to shake, dissolve and rebuild. October Special! As Loko founder and multi-faceted musician/DJ Othon loves to push the traditional ‘techno DJ’ envelope to the edge, we are also keen to play with form and push our own boundaries further, in search of an ever greater party experience. Our October aim is to create an innovative, seamless and unconventional 6-hour epic journey of raw power and beauty, starting off with rare and carefully selected gems of multi-cultural electronica, evolving to deeper and edgier house and tech, and climaxing with the wild & exploratory soul-shaking techno that Loko has gained its growing reputation for. Othon will initiate and close this collective trip with two 2-hour sets, while producer/DJ and loved Loko regular Candi Bianca, will be the sound sculptor and frequency generator for the rest of the journey. Loko Bar: Loko has a unique, specially curated Bar with a small but carefully chosen selection of organic and locally produced drinks and mind/taste-expansive cocktails. There will be alcohol served all night long, as well as several non-alcoholic medicinal options to chose from, including our, now traditional, energy boosting and mouthwatering cacao shots! Door Policy: Papa Loko is an 18 + event. Otherwise, Papa Loko has a NO JUDGMENT policy - just look beautiful in your own unique way. Come as You Are and Leave as You Would Like to Be
  • Papa Loko - Flyer front