Berlin Hummus Festival

  • Lose Your Politics \ Screw Your Hate \ Strip Your Identity \ From Nationalism and Faith \ It's Berlin, Baby, and We Didn't Come Here to Fight \ Dance, Move Your Ass, and Go Grab a Bite \ Music, Hummus and Kreuzberg Romance \ All We Are Saying \ Is Give Chick-Peas a Chance! 🎵 Tech House Open Air Music from: Doron Eisenberg Elad Faisal Heimat Marion Cobretti Moji Taali Nir Ivenizki Vex with Bashir Middle Eastern Open Air music from: Basheer Baransi La Triq Rocky B-The Tropikal Camel Hummus from: Falafel Salam GORDON Napta
  • Berlin Hummus Festival - Flyer front