Resident Advisor

  • Resident Advisor will throw a party during this year's Amsterdam Dance Event. We've locked in some of our current favourites for the two-room session, which goes down on Saturday, October 22nd. It's our first ever party at RADION, which has become one of Amsterdam's key nightclubs since it opened a couple of years back. The sounds in room one will be on the stranger side of club music. Much-loved experimentalist Actress is locked in for a DJ set, along with Onur Özer and Objekt, two acts on the cutting edge of modern dance music thanks to their fresh take on electro and techno (Özer's Frequent Forrest Turn is paving the way for a new techno-electro hybrid, while Objekt's Kern Vol. 3 is shaping up to be one of this year's best mix CDs). Berlin favourite rRoxymore rounds out the room one DJ lineup, which is complemented by a live slot from Giegling's map.ache. You'll find sunnier sounds in room two, thanks to Suzanne Kraft (an artist behind one of our favourite albums of 2015), Beautiful Swimmers and Palmbomen II. All three acts have their own take on lush house and disco.
  • Resident Advisor - Flyer front