Heidi + Magda + Prosumer

  • We couldn't be more excited to welcome Heidi as our fourth quarter resident of 2016. As she presents her acclaimed club night “The Jackathon” for eleven back-to-back Fridays in October, November and December. Heidi kicks things off with Magda and one of Germany’s finest selectors – Prosumer. Born in Poland and raised in Detroit, Magda was drafted into operation by Richie Hawtin on his Minus label as a novice DJ and producer. By the early 2000's she proved her ability to hold her own behind the decks and quickly rose to the upper echelon of dance music. Now the head of Items and Things, a label she's co-founded alongside Marc Houle and Troy Pierce, she's helped create a new brand of sleek, minimal house and retrofitted techno. Joining that silky sound is a selector known for his love of house music, it’s Prosumer. Harling from the depths of Germany, Prosumer has spent over a decade refining his sound of the ‘Big Three’, Detroit, Chicago and New York. Digging in record shops across the world, Prosumer has distinguished his skill to become one of the finest selectors out of Berlin town. With signings on Playhouse, Ostgut Ton and Running Back, Prosumer proves that it’s not just his skill on the decks but also in the studio that puts him apart from the rest. What a way to start the Jackathon.
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  • Heidi + Magda + Prosumer - Flyer front