Substance - Ben UFO

  • This is going to be a bit special. Hands down one of the greatest dj’s of our time – at long last – plays Substance, kicking off the Bongo’s month long 20th birthday celebrations. In RA's own words: "Ben UFO reminds us of a simple but easily forgotten fact: DJs can play literally anything they want. As he leaps from obscure house to modern techno to garage to Afrobeat to whatever else, the Hessle Audio co-founder is intent on capturing the dance music zeitgeist in its entirety. But as impressive as all that is, it's his uncanny ability to shape these sounds into something rich, dynamic and utterly party-rocking that makes him one of the world's best DJs." 20 Years of The Bongo Club Imported Sound + Visuals
  • Substance - Ben UFO - Flyer front