Vault with Midnight Society

  • We're very excited to welcome Midnight Society to Vault and hear his take on the Deep & Dark. American based DJ/Producer Curtis Atchison is the owner & operator of SoundGroove Records and the mastermind behind the alter ego known as "Midnight Society". With a career that spans more than two decades, his name & moniker can be found on tracks and mixed compilations released on more than thirty different record labels including Stealth Records, Stereo Productions, Younan Music, Azuli Records, and Nervous Records. As a world renowned DJ, Curtis has headlined parties during Carnival & LGBT Pride in Brazil and Mexico City, plus the Black & Blue and Divers/Cité Festival in Montreal. He's also played at major international venues in Portugal, Amsterdam and at the only known LGBT bar in the entire country of Cambodia.
  • Vault with Midnight Society - Flyer front