Boogie in Wonderland

  • Venue
    Heart Ibiza
    • Passeig de Joan Carles I, 17, 07800 Ibiza, Spain
  • Date
    12 Aug 2016
    Fri 01:00 - Sat 06:00
  • Attending
    • 2
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    Sasha Grey (Exclusive Europe DJ Date), Oddessy (Live), Recardo Patrick (Live), Graham Sahara, Aaron Mellor
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  • EVERY FRIDAY 1AM- 6AM Cirque Du Soleil and The Adria Brothers HEART Ibiza presents... “ BOOGIE IN WONDERLAND ” In the Summer of 1977 a club opened in NYC that changed the way clubs would act forever. In the 33 months it existed it changed the rulebook totally, the attention wasn't on the DJ but on the Dance floor, the booths & the performance. Paparazzi mingled with celebrity. Warhol's pop art mixed with industrial high art and the Fashion and flair was everything. Disco had arrived and the party was back. Vanity Fair name '54 the ‘Greatest club of all time' while elsewhere in 70s New York Andy Warhol was throwing downtown arthaus parties in disused warehouse lofts with the focus also on fashion, art, music and film. Both subcultures had collided & the party had arrived. FASHION ART PERFORMANCE... This is where HEART takes to the stage... The Party is back... Its time to ‘BOOGIE IN WONDERLAND' FRIDAYS 1am – 6am at HEART Ibiza. - THINK STUDIO 54 - THINK VELVET UNDERGROUND - THINK NICO - THINK ANDY WARHOL LOFT PARTIES - THINK NEON - THINK DISCO - THINK VIDEO - THINK PHOTOGRPAHY - THINK PERFORMANCE - THINK 70s NYC THIS IS LONDON, THIS IN NY, THIS IS IBIZA.... THIS IS RIGHT NOW... Featuring Live singers and musicians, acrobats and performers, street artist's and video production in Ibiza's most technically advanced music art venue. World class video, incredible sound, perfect food & drinks with supreme service, supermodel guests & hosted parties by some for the worlds most famous faces. HEART by Cirque Du Soleil & The Adria Brothers HEART Fridays by ‘BOOGIE IN WONDERLAND' premiers Fri 17 June 2016 at 1am. FASHION ART PERFORMANCE UNDER A 70s INFLUENCE BECOME PART OF THE ART - JOIN THE PERFORMANCE.... Lets Boogie In Wonderland. For more information about BOOGIE IN WONDERLAND, join our VIP Newsletter at:
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