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    Megowan Funkenstein Rich DDT (LoveTech) Christopher Charles Jacques Cousteau (Erase Records) TravNasty (Dancetronauts) TekFreaks EJ tha DJ (Dancetronauts)
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  • GlowCon is a new convention celebrating LEDs and everything that glows. Expect to see an Electrical Forest of cutting edge LED technology and art. Everything will glow, even the drinks at the bar. One part convention, one part party, this entire event will be Lit. During the day, listen to the LED Talks™ and Workshops where visionaries and leaders discuss the future of glow. At night, DJs will rock on the Dancetronauts 2-Art Car Stage while performers Dance, Flow, and Saber Battle for our collective enjoyment. If partying isn’t your thing, explore the latest Virtual Reality experiences from Upload VR or the 3D Light Projection inventions of LoveTech. And apprecate the beauty of Live Blacklight Painting by Visionary Artist Dela. Are you headed to Burning Man this year? Well, you’re going to need some Glowy Shit. We have dozens of Vendor Booths selling Flowtoys, Wearables, GlowSabers, Hoops, Gloves, Glowing Lollipops, El Wire, and every blinky festy thing you can imagine. Tune in to our 3-channel, 1000+ headphone ZEROdB Silent Disco throughout the event, complimented with SubPacs that let you feel the bass. Choose between LED Talks and DJs as you explore The NWBLK's 16,000 sqft. indoor+outdoor venue.
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