Broken Sonics 2016

  • Broken20 and Infrasonics come together once again, for a no-messing midsummer blitz at London's best club. From Glaswegian tonk to Midlands murk to S/E London ruffuge, the menu's looking bold and the dishes smelling moreish. And if you're skint, or heading in that direction, you've come to the right rave: we're keeping things free/discretional at the point of entry. Bonus. Last year's Broken Sonics (the unruly successor to the Colony Summer Raves of yonder) was a winner, bringing two of the UK's niftiest labels - Glasgee's Broken20 and the capital's very own Infrasonics - into Funktion-One-powered (dis)harmony from dusk till dawn. So much of a winner, in fact, that we've decided to do it all again, with much the same cast... Headlining is the man like Equinox, aka Sterling Styles, original junglist, garage rinsologist and general badboy murderer of the Technics 1210, who'll be dropping a peak-time whirlwind of shuffling beats and ches-rattling breaks the likes of which his Sci Wax outfit has been setting the standards in for years. Never, ever to be missed, this man. Joining him at the top of the pack is another singular contributor to the tru-school bass music canon, Beneath, whose work for Pan, Tectonic, Berceuse Heroique and his own No Symbols stable (not fogetting killer remixes for Bloc, Livity Sound and the D&B demi-god Photek) melds funky, acid, techno, grime and '05-vintage dreadstep in a way only proper rigs and hardnut ravers can deal with with. And he's a great DJ, too, having mixed it up for RA, FACT, Ninja Tune and Truants - and, of course, us. Bangin'. And into the mix, we're delighted to be welcoming the up-and-coming, Radar Radio-smashing Grade 10 rave/bass/alt. crew (Colony headz, take note), trooping down from Leicester especially. Their Prayer, Forever, Classic Coke, 8Ball and LooseWomen, who between them have all the angles (and we mean *all* of 'em: ambient, house, hardcore, jungle, acid, IDM and beyond) covered, will be hosting room 2 for the night, showing London what all the fuss is about with an extended set of oldskool-schooled, future-facing UK badness on among the best (read: bassiest) set-ups for the job. You know the score. As for B20 and Infra - who're sharing a recently upgraded, even-more-brutally-boombastic-than-b4 room one PA - there's loads of stuff to get excited about. London flex-technician and Infrasonic adventurer Spatial pitches in with an all-new live set, debuted at the mighty Mutek Montreal, once again showing why his singular take on house, garage, grime, techno and Schengen-friendly electronics was made for top-end, bottom-heavy stacks (check his sizzling Emergence 12s if ya dun believe). Broken20 and Broken60 head-honchos TVO and Production Unit will be repping their respective sounds with an equally system-stretching head-to-head PA, the former drawing on Flash-fresh newness soon to be dropping on an LP and 12" respectively (brap brap), the latter on a body of work that spans Reichian deep-hop, blue note house and DBX-rated bleepkore, among many other badman tings. And B20 collaborator/drone agitator Tengui will be on site, as standard, this time going b2b with his main man Datassette, introducing their in-the-works label project with a suitably WTFm8 selection of sonic miscanthropy drawn from a made-up spectrum that includes industrial shouting, corporate snoozewave, pissed-drunk EBM, communistic trance, and chongle. And there's more. B20 cohort and commandeer of the ever-excellent Don't Be Afraid records (home to MGUN, Mr G and DJ Bone, no less), Semtek, will be swooping in from Brizzle with a bag full of house rumblers and techno thunderers to see things out in room 2; Colony and now Freero regular Monoak - recently signed to the latter's vinyl house with a badass new EP - goes live, modular and dutty for the heads-down, lighters-out massive (that's all of you); the mysterious, possibly quite dangerous Agents of the Culture Industry sneak in through the back door for an early-doors A/V workout; and Rupture-signed newcomer FDW spins jungly techno, technoey jungle and/or something in between, showing why he's a genuine one-to-watch of the post-hardkore new wave. CB holds the fort. As ever, we're running from late till early, and access is, as mentioned, a gratifying £zilch updwards (nutz, right?). So do what you can to reach, fam - in return, you'll get eight hours of ruff riddims, experimental mentalism and The Deep Shit from some of the best names in the game, at one of the best clubs in Europe, on possibly the best equipment out there. Can't say fairer. See you in the smoking area.
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