Amber Muse's Das Boot with President Bongo

  • President Bongo is a very special artist. He is one of the original founders of world famous Icelandic GusGus band, and multitalented visual artist and photographer. He prepares a picture album comprised of his photographs. His DJ sets are very different from what we used to hear from most of European DJs. He will show us his mastery this month, and as a big fan of sailing he’s excited to play for us on board of “Vecrīga” ship. Timetable: 22:00 boarding to “Vecrīga”; 22:30 departure; 02:00 return (no stops during the journey). Pre-sale on “Vecrīga”: call +371 29 896 138. On entry: 15 € (if there's space available). Limited capacity: only 150 people on board.
  • Amber Muse's Das Boot with President Bongo - Flyer front