The Cityfox Experience at Sea: Mano Le Tough, Recondite, Tale of Us & More July 3rd

  • LIMITED TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOCK - ARRIVE EARLY NOTES FOR TODAY: • Presale tickets are sold out. We will have limited tickets avaiable at the dock, arrive early • Cornucopia Majesty is located at Pier 36, 299 South St, Manhattan • Arrive NO LATER than 4:30pm, or your spot may be given to someone else. • Bring cash for the bar • The boxoffice will be set up on the dock: please bring your ID to verify 21+ and have your RA barcode ready to scan. Turn the brightness on your mobile screen to max setting to facilitate the process • Please follow instructions so we can ensure we leave the dock as soon as is possible and get the party started! • Enjoy a beautiful day! TOP DECK: Naveen G, Mano Le Tough, Recondite, Tale Of Us INDOOR STAGE Lovecraft, Clovis, Mike Khoury PLEASE NOTE: As stated, we will be checking ID's to match with tickets. If you purchased a ticket and cannot attend, resell it through RA's ticket resale system. Holiday boat cruise around NYC with three of techno's luminary acts aboard the Cornucopia Majesty. Arrive to Pier 36 NO LATER than 4:30pm Boat departs at 5pm SHARP. Aboard the Cornucopia Majesty --Arrive to Pier 36 NO LATER than 4:30pm --Boat departs at 5pm --Boat has a full bar serving liquor We are very pleased to present The Cityfox Experience at Sea, a 6 hour event aboard the Cornocopia Majesty, the largest boat in NYC. Mano Le Tough, Recondite and Tale Of Us will play on the open-air deck, with a second stage below. Both stages will be stacked with crystalline KV2 Audio. The boat departs at 5pm sharp on Sunday July 3rd from Pier 36 near the South Street Seaport in Manhattan, arrive NO LATER than 4:30pm. Also, a quick note on ticket price: because this event was announced late, we've heard from many to say they recognize that $80 for this event is fair, as a holiday 6 hour boat cruise, three incredible headliners together, the resources it takes to put it all together. But since they purchased tickets to other weekend events and are on budgets, a reduced ticket would be greatly appreciated. If we're hearing that from friends and devoted fans, we know they're not alone. In fairness to all, and so all who wish to enjoy the event can attend, we've reduced the ticket to $60. With all sincerity, after all that's led to this event moving to a boat, we're itching to put on a great show with a great group of friends and fans. :) If you purchased a ticket, you will receive a partial refund next week for the difference, including fees. Thank you for your support and trust, and we will see you aboard this beautiful weekend!
  • The Cityfox Experience at Sea: Mano Le Tough, Recondite, Tale of Us & More July 3rd - Flyer front
    The Cityfox Experience at Sea: Mano Le Tough, Recondite, Tale of Us & More July 3rd - Flyer back