L Q Q K Studio presents Gateway

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    Studio: Person Of Interest (L.I.E.S Records | Exotic Dance Records) - Live Ngly (L.I.E.S Records | Trilogy Tapes) - Live Vereker (L.I.E.S Records | Trilogy Tapes) Max Feuer (LQQK | Knowwave | 369 Records) [Supported by] Nhollywood Minnano Jackpot Backdoor Contact: J. Albert (Black Opal | Exotic Dance Records) Max McFerren (1080p | Allergy Season) Alex Dondero (LQQK | Knowwave | 369 Records) Paul Bryant (LQQK | Knowwave) Toby Feltwell (C.E.) Yosa
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  • "New York City's wealth of talent seems to be bottomless and draws on many sources of inspiration. From the eccentric musicality of the city's Disco tradition to the raw and visceral sound of Techno, both domestic and from abroad, presented here, many for the first time, are some of dance music's strongest torch bearers. These are artists who while maintaining a certain connection to the past, manage to synthesize fresh and exciting moments for the dance floor and who while respecting where this all comes from, are also known to push towards deep and unknown places.” ニューヨークシティー、底知れない豊富なインスピレーションと才能の溢れる街。街の伝統であるエキセントリックなDiscoサウンドからより内臓を冒すような直感的なテクノまで国内外アーティスト問わずがこの街から初めて発信されるムーブメントも多く、絶えずダンスミュージック界の火付け役として君臨している。今回紹介するアーティスト達はその歴史を重んじつつも繋がりを保ち常にディープで未知な世界までのギリギリを攻め続けフロアを盛り上げる。
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