Backslash Festival 2016 - Day I

  • Electronic culture & visual arts Two nights of electronic music, video art and a series of art performances. 7 Live Acts and 3 DJ Sets will offer a multitude of electronic genres, with a focus on Techno. Colin Raynal is a Swiss performer – he creates noisy situations where the audience is free to move and to experiment the sound physically. Suzanne Boulet and Carole Extermann present a series of performances called "doppelgänger". DAY I - FRIDAY 04.11 Dave Eleanor presents [LNR] (live) [BlauBlau Records] Gaspard de la Montagne [Creaked Records] Kid Konzoom [Tokida Records] Papiro (live) [A Tree in a Field Records] Skyr (live) [Abstrah] DAY II - SATURDAY 05.11 Isolated Lines (live) [Creaked Records] Kaos Panda (live) NKELO (live) [Miteinander Musik] Rubinsteig [Tokida Records] Stalker (live) [Everest Records] The transdisciplinary work of Backslash Festival is inspired by a vision, where the contemporary urban environment is more than a simple space devoted to everyday life, and offers a frame to the dynamics traditionally found the confronted to an artwork. In this perspective, the city itself relates to an installation, where the audience would be the residents. Such a installation-city would play permanently with the perceptions of its inhabitants, overwhelming them with visual, audio, tactile or olfactory informations. RA link to Backslash Festival 2016 - Day I: Tickets available on the door.
  • Backslash Festival 2016 - Day I - Flyer front
    Backslash Festival 2016 - Day I - Flyer back