Marshall Jefferson & FDF

  • +++Marshall+++ Mashallplan – successful recovery plan for West Germany Marshall Amplification – leading manufacturer of amplifiers and speakers Marshall Jefferson - Godfather of House Music +++Chicago+++end of the 70’s+++ "that sound they play down the house" was what Chicago’s in-crowd was muttering amongst themselves when they heart the new sound, that brought down the house in the Club Warehouse – a club opened in 1977, but by now quite run-down. This is where Frankie Knuckles started his mother of all House Music “soups” – out of boredom over the by now stereotyped and unexciting disco music. He only used the rhythm parts of the 12 “ mixes of the disco music, leaving the rest out. This he mixed with Philly Soul, funk and European electronic music. This mixture evolved over time into the Chicago House. The tracks were based on simple base lines and a four-to-the-floor rhythm, influenced by the newly arriving technological innovations. +++Marshall Jefferson+++ 1986 Marshall Jefferson arrived on the scene. Born in Chicago/Illinois he threw his hat in the ring – Move your Body. Published on Trax Record this piece became the official House-hymn. All of a sudden everything was there – the loops, the divine piano-chords and the beats of the TR-707 – all that would make the house-sound what it is today. Jefferson is also known for influencing Acid House, as he already used those screwing sounds of the Roland TB-303 in his early tracks. He produced the original Acid track Phuture (DJ Pierre, Earl Smith, Herb J Jackson) for Trax Records. This track had already been rocking the whole city’s dance floor as a demo track. Using his alias Virgo he produced instrumental tracks, predating the sound of Techno. He used to open his DJ-sets with a dub plate that acknowledged his achievements as a “godfather of house” reverent style. Let’s see and hear if that is still the case now! +++ It's gonna set you free This House music, it's gonna set you free Move your body Sexy body Move your body Move your body (The House Music Anthem)
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