Vault with DJ Pierre

  • On this special night we commemorate great two events the one year anniversary of VAULT and the Birth of a Music Legend DJ Pierre. ----- Back in the day DJ Pierre was holed up in his bedroom creating a sound which would impact on the music scene forever. In 1985, Acid House was in its pre-infancy when DJ Pierre played on a Roland 303 and Acid was born. DJ Pierre, Nathaniel Pierre Jones AKA DJ ‘Wildpitch" is a rare breed and a Chicago Music Legend. not many artists in the history of dance music can list Carl Cox, Diesel (X-Press 2), Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia, Bob Diesel, Michael Mayer (Kompakt Records), and Tom Stephan as fans. Not many can claim responsibility for helping kick start the careers of Felix Da Housecat and Roy Davis Jr. Not many can lay claim to giving birth to a genre and pioneering a sound that had the whole world dancing and imitating for over fifteen years. DJ/Producer/Remixer, DJ Pierre is one of the founders of Acid House and a member of Phuture with partners Spanky and Herb J which monumental track "Acid Trax" renamed by Ron Hardy from its original title, ("In Your Mind") recorded at Trax Records produced by Marshall Jefferson and released in 1986. As Pierre recalls "We had this Roland 303, which was a bassline machine, and we were trying to figure out how to use it. When we switched it on, that acid sound was already in it and we liked the sound of it and I just started turning knobs not knowing what I was doing so we decided to add some drums and make a track with it. We gave it to Ron Hardy who played at club called Muzic Box and started playing it straight away. In fact, the first time he played it, he played it four times in one night! The first time people were like, "What the [email protected]*CK is this?", but by the the fourth time they loved it. Then I started to hear that Ron was playing some new thing they were calling "Ron Hardy's Acid Trax", and everybody thought it was something he'd made himself. Eventually we found out that it was our track so we called it "Acid Trax". I think we may have made it as early as 1985, but Ron was playing it for a long time before it came out". Many of the early Acid House tracks were on Trax Records, he's also had hits as Photon Inc. and Aly-Us, Audio Clash, Darkman, Disco Fuhrer, DJ Pierre's Afro Acid Project, Doomsday, M & M, Nathaniel Pierre Jones, One Screaming Idiot, P-Ditty, Pfantasia, Phugitive, Phuture Scope, Pierre's Pfantasy Club, Raving Lunatics, The Don, Time Warp, X Fade, and Yvette. He's had a stint as Head of A&R at Strictly Rhythm Records and runs his own DJP Records and is still in demand as a DJ, Producer and Remixer.
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