Lúnasa Festival 2016

  • Our Story Beneath September’s Full Moon, in the year 2016 or so it has been told, two separate celebrations of mystical and ancient dimensions were set to take place. Fuinneamh Festival- a celtic gathering of the tribes and The Elysian Circus- a pulsating majick underrealm were to compete in a quantum battle- For the energy produced by each individually would nearly be enough. But together, oh together it certainly would be. You see it happened that Lugh was searching for a place to charge his majick spear, so he could protect gatherings of merriment, art, dancing, creativity and the bold spirit of playfulness. For the more powerful his spear, the stronger was he. And so he could grow the heart and soul of festivities to such a size that he would never be bored again! And so, on this year’s summer solstice, Lugh lured Fuinneamh and Elysian Circus to an old and sacred ground upon which to feast their festive eyes, where they meet and fell in love. After much hearty conversation they decided to marry and bless their unity naming it Lúnasa. Now must we all gather together this September 16th - 18th, with madhattery, creativity and love to manifest soulful energy with which we’ll charge Lugh’s Majick Spear, and protect the beating heart of creativity in Ourland. Stay tuned for updates throughout the day. Earlybird tickets on sale now : https://lunasa.glistrr.com/e/4
  • Lúnasa Festival 2016 - Flyer front