Tropical Waste with Kablam, Ziúr, Air Max '97, Uli K, Ni-Kü, Iydes b2b Seb

  • TW014 Bored of Brexit bullshit? Take a breather and dance to next-level club music delivered by special guests from Stockholm, Berlin, Melbourne and London. Xenophobia free zone, everyone welcome. KABLAM (JANUS) The Swedish producer returns to Tropical Waste in celebration of her debut EP, which is out now on Janus. Her performances are truly incendiary and tonight she’ll detonate a three-CDJ set. You’ve been warned. ZIÚR (INFINITE MACHINE) Berlin’s Ziúr has also just dropped her debut EP, via Infinite Machine. It’s a hailstorm of club-not-club noise and she’ll be unleashing her own tracks, and more, upon the basement. AIR MAX ’97 (DECISIONS) The oblique club kid finally lands at Tropical Waste to roll out one of his vivid DJ sets. Based in Melbourne, he’s released on Liminal Sounds, Infinite Machine and Activa Benz and is one of the most imaginative artists currently doing it. ULI K (BALA CLUB) Uli K is a founding member of emergent London collective Bala Club. An emotive lyricist, he rides beats by an international set of producers including Mechatok, Yung Sherman and h!tkidd, creating a blend of rap, r’n’b and reggaeton all his own. NI-KÜ London’s Ni-Kü delivers hard vogue with the velocity of a wrecking ball. Pure energy for the basement. IYDES B2B SEB (INFINITE MACHINE / NTS) Tropical Waste residents bring the visceral bump ’n grind, as per. * Verbal, physical or sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at Tropical Waste. We have a zero tolerance approach to harassment and anyone who is making others feel uncomfortable will be made to leave. If you have a problem at one of our parties, please report it to a member of security, Caren (who runs the door) or Seb or Joe (who organise Tropical Waste). * Dress 2 sweat, be positive and please respect each other’s personal space. * No cloakroom. Apologies! * Grab a ticket in advance if you definitely want in, but if you leave it last minute, tickets are always available on the door. ♥ See you down front ♥
  • Tropical Waste with Kablam, Ziúr, Air Max '97, Uli K, Ni-Kü, Iydes b2b Seb - Flyer front