4dsound: Points on the Curve

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    Koenraad Ecker, Alyssa Moxley, Bálint Laczkó, Soma Farkas Szakál, Ádám Krasz
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  • 4DSOUND: Points On The Curve presents five freshly composed electronic music works by young Hungarian and International sonic creators, exploring new musical forms and expressions using emerging spatial sound tools and technologies.  The concert features the impressive ’…and a spark lit the fire’ - a new work composed for 4DSOUND by young Belgian sound designer and composer Koenraad Ecker, exploring how orientation-through-sound plays an essential role in regulating our instinctive emotions and responses. Closeness, fear, protection and isolation, even feelings of warmth or coldness are influenced by the space we acoustically perceive ourselves to be in. Ecker arranges a spatial ecology of everyday objects recorded and processed in meticulous detail, creating strangely discomforting, even menacing relationships with the familiar at new levels of scale and intimacy. He will be joined by English artist, writer and teacher Alyssa Moxley. The Athens-based artist’s experimental microphone techniques have enabled her to capture a collection of engrossing field recordings over the last decade, which she uses to explore questions of individual and shared space, notions of receptivity and reciprocity in the corporeal, sound as spatial and emotional memory, and how sound can be transmitted through subjective, proprioceptive responses to the individual’s perception of place. The concert also presents three new works for 4DSOUND by students of the Electronic Music Media Department of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music Bálint Laczkó, Soma Farkas Szakál and Ádám Krasz, developed during recent artist residencies at the Spatial Sound Institute.
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