Moveable Parts

  • 'Moveable Parts' "This is a one-off party that I'm throwing because 1) there's no Gateway To Zen in August and 2) I've been wanting to get these guys along to play for ages. I've known Mark since the mid 90s, when we met at (seminal techno night) Voodoo in Liverpool - a club that Mark later went on to be resident at. He was already an excellent DJ back then - I still have a tape he gave me - and that was a squillion years ago. He's not got any shitter, let me put it that way. You may be more likely to know him from his productions on labels like Mathematics, Tabernacle, Berceuse Heroique, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Computer Controlled, Contort Yourself, Apartment and more. I have no idea why he doesn't get booked more. I'm hoping to start a trend. Andrew Ingram is another one of those low-key guys that is really good but doesn't shout about it too much. What he does do is co-run the seriously strong Tabernacle label and put on the Slabs of the Tabernacle parties (mainly in Glasgow). There's also an extensive podcast series under the same name: As this would suggest, he's also a heavyweight selector. I'll also be playing some tunes, either right at the start or book-ending it, I haven't decided yet. Rye Wax is the perfect place for this kind of ad-hoc shindig. As ever, though, it's advanced tickets only. They're as cheap as I can make 'em to cover expenses and I'm not messing about with early birds, but your incentive for buying one ahead of time is to save me a bit of anxiety. :) Cheers, hope you can come down for it." - Nick
  • Moveable Parts - Flyer front