Avant Garde with Kiasmos (Live), Extrawelt (Live), Christian Loffler

  • Avant Garde was founded on a love of the experimental; the one-off moment that defines a night, a day, a year or a lifetime. Creating those moments, those connections and memories, those emotions, can be difficult, but hearing music live, hearing it raw and created or tweaked in the now, is one of the ways to create a truly special time. To that end, we’ve curated a lineup that is all live, and all incredible. Most of us will have experienced a time when a particular artist connects with us through their music; the sense of euphoria, the goosebumps, the hairs on one’s neck standing on end. Many have felt this through the incredibly emotional and deep sounds of the Icelandic duo that is KIASMOS. The duo of BAFTA winning composer Olafur Arnalds and electro-pop wizard Janus Rasmussen make up of one of the most forward thinking and genre-defining musical entities of modern years; this is, for us, one of the most exciting bookings we’ve ever made for Avant Garde. Where Kiasmos traverse the regions of delicate minimalistic strings and tape-delayed stabs, EXTRAWELT delve deep into the melodica we love so much. Regulars on Traum and Border Community, as well as pairing up with Dominik Eulberg on Cocoon, their enigmatic live show has won awards in Germany and will no doubt be very well received on these shores. We’re bringing back one of our favourites for this event, a man who has helped define melodic techno and is one of the nicest artists we’ve met to boot. His name is CHRISTIAN LOFFLER, and he’s debuting his new live audio/visual show with MOHNA, where the duo will be creating electronic chamber music that is simultaneously melancholic and luxurious. This is a UK exclusive for this year, which makes this live set one to definitely experience. Another favourite of ours will be gracing the stage; we welcome back LAKE PEOPLE after two previous stellar shows for AG. The Vacant, Permanent Vacation, Connoisseur and Rumors live artist will be joined by another debutant, APARDE, who has impressed greatly with his ambient-infused electronica on Stil Vor Talent and Keller. The venue for this extravaganza? We return to our new home, Bankside Vaults, the cavernous old train depot just off the Thames, giving us plenty of opportunity to fill one of the other rooms with our triumvirate of residents, RABOTA, TROUBADOUR and NICO. Kiasmos are bringing their own lighting, and we’ll be putting in some special production of our own. Tickets will sell FAST for this show, so get them quick! AG x
  • Avant Garde with Kiasmos (Live), Extrawelt (Live), Christian Loffler - Flyer front