W.O.M Faktion - Pita (Peter Rehberg - Editions Mego) & Rian Treanor

  • ʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬ W.O.M. and Faktion are psyched to host PITA's 1st ever show in Manchester - the only one outside of L**don in support of GET IN, which will be PITA's newest LP under this name in over a decade PITA is Peter Rehberg; arch computer composer, laptop music pioneer and boss of the highly influential Editions Mego label - home to definitive releases by Oneohtrix Point Never, DOME (Wire), Fennesz, Emeralds, Mika Vainio, Mark Fell, Bee Mask (we could go on and on) ʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬ RIAN TREANOR will support, presenting new tracks from his Mumdance-endorsed 2nd EP for Boomkat's The Death of Rave label. Check a lil preview megamix here https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/mumdance010516 ʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬ DJs VENDEL, NOVA & PAGAN will stoke the rave 'til 8am Looking fwd to seeing U there! *** £5 *** p.s. it's a bank holiday the monday after!
  • W.O.M Faktion - Pita (Peter Rehberg - Editions Mego) & Rian Treanor - Flyer front