Twin Cities with Terekke, Finn Johannsen & Kasper Marott

  • Venue
    • Flaesketorvet 81; Copenhagen V. 1711; Denmark
  • Date
    Sun, 15 May 2016
    22:00 - 05:30
  • Promoter
    Twin Cities
  • Attending
    • 12
  • A new Twin Cities chapter is emerging soon and this time around we are joined by one of Berlin's most influential dance music tastemakers Finn Johannsen, along with the L.I.E.S whiz kid Terekke. TEREKKE "I’ve been making music my whole life. I started recording with a karaoke machine that had a dual cassette deck and just kept dubbing between the two sides. " L.I.E.S artist Terekke will perform the possibly most anticipated live-set in the history of Jolene Bar (At least in our opinion). The Brooklynite now residing in Amsterdam has been a subject of public buzz since his first release "Damn EP" on Ron Morelli´s L.I.E.S label in 2011 and the subsequent instantaneous cult-release "YYYYYYYYYY". To us, it seems as if his output has a meditational effect and Terekke himself does also label his sound appropriately as "The Bahamas" or "Yoga”. In Terekke´s universe, distorted chords are mixed with elements from basement house or soothing vocals from 70ies soul. Make sure not to miss out on this therapeutical experience! FINN JOHANNSEN Finn Johannsen has been shaping the musical landscape in the German capital, since joining the mythical Hardwax record store in 2010 and simultaneously co-running the Macro Recordings label in partnership with Stefan Goldmann. Besides this he has written seminal articles as a journalist for Resident Advisor & the much celebrated De:bug Magazine. As a DJ, Finn has already been schooling dancefloors close to Denmark in the late 80ies and 90ies in the Northern German clubs of Kiel, with selections inspired by various genres ranging from Chicago house, Italo disco to early Warp Records releases and Detroit Techno. Besides his obvious encyclopedic musical knowledge and inspiring diversity in selection, he is simply an excellent DJ with a well-developed understanding of dancefloor mechanisms and without a doubt sure to make the Jolene lovers happy. KM TRAXX Last addition to the lineup is nothing less than a guy who we love and greatly admire at Twin Cities. KM Traxx aka. Kasper Marott aka. Kappi White goes by many names but is no newcomer to making discotheque floors sway in an elegant manner. Give this Skee turned Copenhagen resident some love and hi-5s if you see him.
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