Suspiciously Delicious 001 with Bawrut

  • TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR! + SPECIAL GUEST: BAWRUT ! 'Disco never died, it just went underground, had a baby, and named it house.' Fresh from his acclaimed killer debut on Ransom Note Records we are stoked to have Madrid based, Italian born producer, DJ & Silencio main man as special guest for our inaugural dance. Heavily influenced by the work of Chicago pioneers, the established European teachers and every sound he can find on the internet or in digging sessions, Bawrut’s taste tows a wonderfully balanced line between classics and brand new tracks. Expect some very very good vibes indeed. Plus... + spanking new tpi soundsystem + beer on tap + Friday 13th mystery and intrigue + gender neutral toilets + carefully curated lighting
  • Suspiciously Delicious 001 with Bawrut - Flyer front