Bar Noir with Lola Luc & Franz Scala

  • Lola Luc If you imagine the blossoming DJ landscape of Berlin as a wild and colorful garden with sunlight, farina and fragrances hovering above it, you will – sooner or later but inevitably - notice one flower standing out: Lola Luc. Over the last couple of years this girl has shed the expensive snake skin of a mere club-kid (with an intense hour count in Panorama Bar), and has developed taste and skill behind the decks of the most relevant Berlin hot spots, radio waves and beyond. In 2015 she also began hosting a show at Berlin Community Radio blending a mix of House, Disco, Funk, Soul with Afrobeat, Reggae and dubby sounds. But despite all the talent, there is also the pain to get it right: One could argue that the last Berlin DJ to prepare his/her sets so meticulously ended up in the Olympus of the annual RA charts very far on the top. So cut the chatter and enjoy…and believe this: This girl surely knows how to push (your) buttons. Franz Scala Franz is the head of Slow Motion, an Italian dance label based in Berlin. Aside from producing on his own imprint, he has releases on World Unknown, Tusk Wax and Bordello a Parigi. Franz also promotes many events around the german capital such as the monthly Wrong Era parties or the Magic Waves Festival.
  • Bar Noir with Lola Luc & Franz Scala - Flyer front