Super Sound Vol.1

  • The Beaumont Studios DE Radio presents: SUPER SOUND Vol. 1 (Outdoors) JESSE BRU - Ego Planet, Heart to Heart, MSLX FLØRIST - ALL CAPS, Pacific Rhythm BB.YU - 1080P, Genero and Guests On May 7th DE Radio presents the beginning of an outdoor seasonal musical experience at The Beaumont Studios. Super Sound is a day party that aims to provide refreshing drinks, and well-curated DJ sets from amazing local artists. The premise is to showcase a diverse array of local dj's each with their own Super Sound playing for an extended period of time.. Expect to hear various shades of house, techno and music that inspired them. Extra bonus for all you audiophiles: the sound will be transmitted through an analogue rotary mixer. Event will be LIVE streamed on DE Radio + Ustream, Dommune style. Saturday, May 7th 316 W 5th Ave, Vancouver Open at 2:00pm Cash Bar Suggested donation of $5
  • Super Sound Vol.1  - Flyer front