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    AKALOTZ (Oldschool EBM ) Grimbergen (Post Apocalyptic/Industrial/Ambient) LIZARD SMILE (Darkwave) MDS51 (Rhythmic Noise/ Industrial) SCHRAMM (Old School EBM) STAB Electronics (Power Electronics / Industrial) TRIARII (Martial Industrial) DJ Danny Dup DJ Schaule DJ Terminates Here Also on board: Gleichstrom TV after party music policy: no genre ending in dub, step or core and no trance. good old Industrial, EBM, 80ies dark Synthpop, Martial, Minimal, Obscure and Goth old school, no fucking about!
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  • Ad:Rem is a non profit all night event featuring unusual bands in a cool warehouse setting in central London and local and not so local DJs. Currently, Ad:Rem is purely crowd funded, which means that the artists will get paid according to incoming funds. Ad:Rem would like to encourage their guests to become supporter of the event, in order to be able to offer the artists the remuneration they deserve. In a climate where rogue downloads have become almost normality, artists rarely even get close to breakeven in order to present their art to any audience. Ad:Rem tries to create a non profit driven, DIY festival in order to keep a tiny underground music scene in London alive. Subsequently, all funds above the costs will be re-invested in more entertainment for all supporters and in order to be able to pay Artists and crew.
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