We Concur x Kink - All Night Long

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    KiNK - All Night Long (Live & DJ Set)
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  • KiNK is one of those artists where you just can't predict what they're going to do next. His sound has inevitably developed and changed since he first started making music, but one thing that is constant is they all have that 'KiNK' element to them which makes them easy to spot from 100 miles away. Whether you're listening to Express, Cloud Generator or his Accident In Paradise remix, there's always that little flair of something that lets you know it's a piece of work by Bulgarian hero Strahil Velchev. Sometimes he DJs, sometimes he plays live, sometimes both. We have no idea what he'll do with his time during this epic extended set, simply because no one has ever asked him to play for so long before. All we know is he'll be bring more equipment and toys than any of us have ever seen before, and they'll all contribute to an incredible journey of completely unique electronic music.
  • We Concur x Kink - All Night Long - Flyer front
    We Concur x Kink - All Night Long - Flyer back